What does “just ENOUGH sugar” really mean?

It means that you are enough. There is no need to over extend yourself in order to be accepted by society or anyone for that matter. “Enough” is a reflection of you and your god like identity. The question remains, “do you even know who you are”? Or are you trying to be liked by everyone but yourself. Are you open and willing to see the ugly in you? Or are you so in denial that you rather see the ugly in every one else. I admit it is difficult to look self in the mirror and realize that you too are jacked up in your thinking and behavior. However, in the long run it is so worth it. Worth the work and tears you put in to come to the realization that you are worth it. You are worth the work it takes for you to be complete and whole. don’t you think you deserve to be happy? Happy with your thinking and behavior. Don’t you dislike when your actions don’t line up with your words? does that not make you feel uncomfortable in the inside? Or are you okay with that? I know these are many questions for you and I to ponder. But, like I said, remember that you are enough and you are worth the time to sit down and think, ” who am I really”?


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