“I take Baby Steps and I’m fine with that!”

Man, I tell you, in my past I would try to do everything all at once. For example, if I was going to clean the house, then I would clean the  whole house , you know wash clothes, dust sweep mop, clean bathroom, my room, living room, kitchen. However, on top of all that, I would move the furniture around, wash the curtains, clean out the basement and try to change the whole world at the same time. This is crazy!

Or, on the health tip, I would TRY to Only eat healthy. No FOODS that I’ve eaten all my LIFE. What the hell was I thinking??

It’s called Moderation, “FELICIA”. Not suicide lol

When you try to do everything a once, you set yourself up to fail. Sure, there are people out there that have went cold turkey, thus,stopped eating processed food in total. But, that is NOT me. I have to do little by little and build up to the place I want to be. Really, I don’t want to stop eating processed food completely…I just want to be healthy. That doesn’t mean torture ,myself. And yes, I fall, but the goal is NOT to fall,  THE GOAL IS TO FALL less.

Okay, so  I think I made my point, which is take baby steps.

My report on my exercise for yesterday is positive, I walked around Burlington coat factory. Yes, I’m counting that! Because when I do that I give myself credit, where credit is due. exercising is not always about getting in the gym and going hard for 30 minutes to an hour, its really about ACITIVITY, moving your body.

If you got anything from these words that came from my heart, then like this page or comment to share something you “take baby steps in”.

I LOVE You. lata



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