“What Are You Doing with Your Life”

What are you doing with your Life???? We’ll, that is a loaded question. For starters, I’m trying to figure out how the hell I’m going to build this blog to reach the people with my Awesome message, which almost everybody and there mama is preaching…”self LOve”.

It’s hard to put my ideas into words. However, the words I use are mine…therefore my message will ATTACK and engulf the masses desire to want to change. Okay, the way I structured that last sentence was weird, oh well. Basically, I feel like we should want more from LIFe, rather than looking at other people hoping they do what you want them to do because for some crazy reason, you think this would make you happy. We’ll, Im sorry to bust your bubble but it aint going to happen. And if it does, don’t worry its only temporary.

Okay, the rant is over. Listen, I just want LOVE & MONey is that too much to ask for. A world full of LOVE & Money. YOu know I’m at the point where I don’t even enjoy my life like I should… always focused on the future and what strategy Im going to take to acquire this and that. its almost laughable. hell it is laughable!

I’m here to say, that I have something to say and something to do in this LIfe and its not to acquire money, It’s to create change. I don’t KNOW, how I will impact you and the rest of the people but I do know this…I GOT a lot to share….a lot to get out of my head…..a WOrld to build of my own! Nothing is new under the sun..but you know what..YOU and I….don’t share the same DNA. Even though, it’s very similar…is different! I’m different…your different….
So, what you have to offer…offer it because NOBODY GOt what you GOT!!!and stop wandering and thinking….shit….INCREASE YOUR CAPACITY TO RECEIVE….by sharing YOU and aLL that YOU GOT…even if it is worded or structured the total opposite of what you think it should Be….Just do it anyway! Just do it Anyway! Do it messy…..eventually…if its meant to BE it will BE….PUt your Foot in it….Put your HEART in it….and just watch and see what happens.

No one may never see my Blog post….but I did it anyway……that’s not my problem….because today …right now I gave my all…and that’s all you can do….JUST DO IT anyway.


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