“Be In Tune with Your “GOT DAMN” Star Player”

Who is the got damn “Star Player”…..wait for it……YOU “got damn it”. You are the Star Player.

Now! This theme came from Kate Williams, the comedian. he is funnyyy! lol

Okay, so, I started the 30 day Squat Challenge way back, about a few weeks ago. I made it to day 10, haha, I know, I still have 20 days to go.

Yesterday, was my 11th day back on the bandwagon. I tell you this stuff is hard. Especially, if consistency isn’t your forte. But, I see myself as a “Star Player”, so of course, I decide to eventually get back on the bandwagon. It’s funny sometimes, I wish I would stay on the wagon without wavering, but it almost never seems to happen that way.

Anywhoo, so I’m back! I look at it like this, that 30 day challenge wasn’t for me. So, I tweeked it a bit. Instead I will exercise different parts of my body( like arms, legs, butt, core stomach,etc) rather than doing squats over and over 30 days straight. That Shi$$ hurts.

Needless to say, My experience was no fun. I think exercising should be therapy for the soul. Not torture! You should feel relieved from stress, not have lactic acid build up, which causes sore muscles for days. Hey, it was a hell of a challenge for ME. Some people can do 100 Squats like it’s nothing but that’s them NOT me. This was just one of the main reasons I fell of the wagon. Other reasons consisted of blah blah blah blah. I can come up with 1000 reasons as to why I didn’t finish within the 30 days , but that would be a waste of time.

The point is this….I had to switch it up to WORK for me. PERIOD.

What makes you a Star Player? Focus on You and Works for You. What works for somebody else may not work for you. Work what you Got.

P.S. Tune into your “Star Player”.

How do you tune into you “GOT DAMN” Star Player”?


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