Almost Healthy Alternative to FRIED CHICKEN cooked in OIL

Okay, so I had a really good Blog Post for this topic, but it deleted magically. So, I’ll try my best to make this one interesting! My favorite food is Fried Chicken! I LOVE iT!! I mean, who doesn’t love FRIED FOOD period…its so GOOD. Anyway, there is a flip-side to it just like sex before marriage has it’s ups and downs. The downside is that it cloggs your arteries and eventually can effect your HEART. The heart of the matter is this, you don’t want clogged arteries, do you? So here it goes.

I have a recipe that can help you change that, without giving up your sexy fried chciken. here it goes

Step 1: clean chicken and season it

Step 2: dip in egg batter then roll in flour ( make sure to roll with your dry hand,unless u want it clumpy)

step 3: put on a rack or cookie sheet with aluminum on the bottom and spray or drizzle with olive oil or grapeseed oil or canola oil..whateva u got
– this is the thing, oil is not bad it’s actually essential (necessary), it’s the excess that is the problem

step 4: set oven 375 temp …then put in oven while on rack or cookie sheet…cook 45 min to hr…it varies..just watch it

tip: the last 3-4 min of cooking, broil the chicken ( for crispyness..yum)….make sure to watch it ( or it BURNS)….”believe me it happened to me”

Hope you enjoy! Share your results down below in the comment section.Thanks


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