Dieting Myths

Are you trying to loose weight by killing yourself!!! Well stop it.

One of the most common myths, especially from the ladies is…..

Question: If one restricts calories or doesn’t eat will this help in weight loss?

Answer: My fitness trainer, Ray Crenshaw says this is one of the biggest myths for women and that it is Bull Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For example, here is a scenario, a women mentions that she skipped breakfast because she is trying to loose weight. In my head, I ask, Did you know that when you miss a meal this causes your body to go into STARVATION mode? As a result, your body stores FAT and more FAT.LADIESSSSS STOP THE MADNESS. Thus, you aren’t doin yourself any favors by eliminating meals, your actually causing your body to make you FAT, FAT, and FAT again.

The Moral of the Story is….when you don’t eat, you make yourself FAT. So, eat!

Post any questions down below and I’d be happy to respond with an answer.


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