New Self-Directed Journey WAY BACK IN 2013

YOU DON”T KNOW ME, so get to know me. You may not agree with what I think of my body image. But, I’m here to tell you that one of my dreams is to become like a SUPER Hero, no just playing, I’m vain but not that vain. REALlY….I want to be Healthy AND Fit. Get it! Here is my sob story. In my family, there is a generational curse, at least that’s what is seems like. My dad has diabetes and a few years ago he had cancer.

As, A RESULT, he now has half a finger and is fighting to combat his most recent disease, diabetes. My auntie had cancer 2X and her daughter had it too. My grandmother, had almost every illness you can think of, heart disease, diabetes, etc. My other auntie is continuously in the hospital for kidney problems, and etc.

As you can see, my family history is DANGEROUs. BUT it doesn’t mean much. Have you heard of epigenetics? So what if I don’t address my health issues. And, if I don’t change soon, then it will become more difficult to do in the future. So, I just want you to know this about me…..I JUST WANT TO BE BETTER THAN I AM NOW!!!!!! So, I began my new journey to lose my HUGE stomach a week ago.

But like I said, it’s deeper than the physical. I hope you have a goal in mind that you are passionate about and hopefully enough for you to want to become BETTER. Whether it’s for you or your kids. If so, join me on this journey. I’ll make sure to post a few things I’ve learned along the way of my new Journey. This is the thing. Even though, I’ve made some adustments to my diet. I still need to exercise. My STOMACH is the problem!!!!! BUT TRULLY, it’s not my stomach that’s the problem, it’s my HABITS!


Currently, I am working with a personal trainer, Ray Crenshaw. He is located in the Dowtown area Louisville, KY at UXercise. We decided to collaberate in that he is helping me to train my abdominal area specifically and in return I will share the results to viewers like you.

His Motto is, BE Unique. This guy is a motivater and he wants nothing more but to help YOU become BETTER. Throughout, my BLog I will highlight what this means for you and me.

My goal = is to shed 7 1/2 inches from my 33 1/2 size waist. WOO HOO…I can’t wait to be able to wear my pants without looking at the side hanging over my pants..eeeeeeee!!! Your goal may be different. YOu may desire to loose 100 lbs or just loose 2 1/2 inches for that dress you want to fit into for your upcoming high school reunion, wedding, or prom. IDK..whatever it is…. Stay tuned to see the results!!!!!

My results with Ray Crenshaw: I lost 2 lbs in my first week. This may not seem much now but you just stay tuned!

I will post pictures regularly to share my results! If you have goals that you’d like to share please do so in the comment section below. Thank You


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  1. fjamison says:

    TOday I had 2 bottles of water…so far Im doing good. Im not sure if Im going to eliminate Soda all the way or just drink it in moderation. I had a soda 2 weeks ago…but still that’s an accomplishment!

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