WHY struggle?

Allow life to be. Go downstream. Why go upstream? Don’t live in time. Feel Vibrational! Feel Source Like. Soul Like! I feel ready! I feel ease. I feel significant! I feel worthy! I feel interested!

Do you believe that there is anyone on the planet that has a greater purpose or feeling of bliss, than you? No

Let it happen naturally. Know that not only has it already come, but it has come.

Acknowledge the now. Feel the absence of anyone pushing you.

I can feel the well-being of the universe. We all have value. I love them all. I proclaim their basic awareness of me. I proclaim it all, irrelevant. What is relevant? My relationship with self. Step 3: allowing self to raise frequency for automatic and natural unfolding. Its about how you feel. If you try too hard it goes in the wrong direction. Trying amplifies the lack of belief in source. Know that your worthiness has always been a vibrational recipe of trial and error. Loving is doing something. I appreciate  who I be. I appreciate the path I’ve been on. I appreciate the fun I am having now.  I appreciate how irrelevant of everyone’s opinion of me. Experience Beingness







IMG_20141225_172019635I originally started creating my own designs and self taught myself how to sew because of a bad habit I had to remove my life many years ago. I chose to be productive than just another statistic. Here is a shirt I put together. Its experimental piece for my 2015 Spring Collection.IMG_20141226_244154150IMG_20141226_244206842piece by piece I sewn this together. No, it is not perfect. But, it is mine. I’m nor finished, however; I am satisfied with what I have completed so far. Thank you for watching. What would you like to sew for yourself? What way do you design your life?