Three Quick Tips for Better Blogging


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One of the great things about having a blog is making it your own — adding individual touches to reflect your style and personality. Today we’ll look at three blogging features: two geared to customizing your site and one to help you post when you’re away from your desk.

Scheduling posts to appear at any time you choose

If you’ve got an editorial calendar, you already know which days of the week you’ll be publishing new content on your site. Why not get ahead of the game and schedule your posts? That way, you don’t need to be near your computer to hit the publish button — your posts can magically appear on your site at the time you specify. Here’s how to do it.

When you’re finished drafting your latest post, click on the Edit link next to Publish Immediately located in the Publish box:


You can now…

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What does “just ENOUGH sugar” really mean?

It means that you are enough. There is no need to over extend yourself in order to be accepted by society or anyone for that matter. “Enough” is a reflection of you and your god like identity. The question remains, “do you even know who you are”? Or are you trying to be liked by everyone but yourself. Are you open and willing to see the ugly in you? Or are you so in denial that you rather see the ugly in every one else. I admit it is difficult to look self in the mirror and realize that you too are jacked up in your thinking and behavior. However, in the long run it is so worth it. Worth the work and tears you put in to come to the realization that you are worth it. You are worth the work it takes for you to be complete and whole. don’t you think you deserve to be happy? Happy with your thinking and behavior. Don’t you dislike when your actions don’t line up with your words? does that not make you feel uncomfortable in the inside? Or are you okay with that? I know these are many questions for you and I to ponder. But, like I said, remember that you are enough and you are worth the time to sit down and think, ” who am I really”?

A dress that I made!

A dress that I made!

Okay, so I have a desire to inspire other people. So, what do I do?? Put myself out there on the limb to encourage you to share pieces of who you are and what you like to do. So, SHARE! Why not? What are you scared of?? Post a picture or something below of something you’ve made, or cooked, or sang, or whatever or painted or written. Idk,,,,that’s why you should share a little piece of who you are.

PIECES of you …should be SHARED with the world.

choose this community to share it with! We will be nice.

Update on “Healthy Lifestyle”

Up until this point, I have not worked out for almost 2 weeks.

I’m back in the GYM, LA Fitness.

Today, I did an examination. The physical trainer checked my BMI along with other things. My trainer pointed out that my right leg is weaker than my left leg. And my right hand is weaker than my left hand. All this time, I thought it was the other way around. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to hiring a personal trainer in the near future, but for now, I will have to train my self.

What are my goals? tone stomach and back of legs
How am I going to accomplish them? by building muscle

Good Question! Well, I learned a few things during my session with the personal trainer at L.A Fitness. She told me a few things I already knew, such as in-order for me to meet my goals I have to increase my metabolism by increasing muscle mass, change exercise techniques regularly, and to consume great protein powder. Now, I am not a fan of protein powder. However, If I can find a protein powder that is good for my body than I will buy it and use it daily. I learned that my BMI is 28, which is fair for my age and height. But, I want to go for 18 BMI to get those abs intact!!!!

I want to a sexy body and more than that a healthy lifestyle. I did share that diseases run through my family tree, so I’m working on being my BEST PERSON for you to BECOME your BEST too.


Insert from the Book, ” Breaking the Cycle of Mediocrity”-unknown

Throughout my spiritual walk I have found that I have been through the jungle. Bouncing around from one idea to another concerning spirituality. Trying to find the truth. From as long as I can remember, I have been an individual and somewhat a Leader. Never did I follow the crowd only on rare occasions. I believe it has a lot to do with being the only child along with many other factors. But, most of the time, I’m seeking on what some might call territory that is not to be dealt with. And I might have looked crazy while trying to figure it out! However, all that don’t matter, the most important thing is to find truth. Throughout my life, I’ve learned that most people go along to get along. They sell out! Then, they realize that everything they did was in vain. Like some people you see who are constantly working for Jesus. There always doing something on the board of this and that, working the food pantry, singing, preaching, and all that. But they AINT got a clue about the Lord and what the LORD can do for them if they just do what the Lord wants them to do. We are fickle as people. People think their works and their deeds are going to get them into heaven. Get them to the place that they want to be in LIFE? With the Lord? In Heaven? Or in favor of the eyes of man? From a child I have thought this way. I was good at sitting back and observing. Some say, when I was a baby girl they didn’t think I could talk. I was so quiet. But, let me tell you. I was thinking and observing. Now, it’s time to tell the truth about what I’ve observed throughout my long journey during my short lifetime.

February (Goals)

1. Consume 1( minimum) Smoothie/ a day
2. Do something different with hair!
3. Treat Self to date night( at new place) at-least once /week
4.Implement 70/10/10/10 rule to manage finances
5.Eat a hearty breakfast every morning
6. Go to sleep same time every night
7.Wake up earlier
8.Write Book everyday
9. Put 1st Wholesale Deal on Contract
10.Buy Plane Ticket to California
11.Implement a plan for working out in the gym or at home.